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How it works

Step 1: Discovery


So much more than software, MotorManager achieves such effective results by focusing on relationships. Very much a bespoke product, there is a process of discovery whereby MotorManager learns precisely what a Supplier wants to achieve through working with their SME clients and then sets about making it happen...

Step 2: Branding & Implementation

Branding & Implementation

MotorManager is a White Label product in the truest sense of the term. Once every angle the Supplier is looking to build on is agreed, MotorManager then designs and implements a dashboard system unique to them - fully branded and with the complete range of functionality discussed.

This is all the Supplier and any SME using their product will ever see - the Suppliers stylish, easy to use and incredibly useful Fleet Management System, which they simply couldn't be without!

Step 3: Full Training

Full Training

MotorManager is all about creating new sales opportunities and opening up the SME market to the Supplier.

Comprehensive professional training is given not simply on data input, but more crucially on how to get the most out of every opportunity created by the software.

Step 4: Data Input

Data Input

Information is power: Data has to be uploaded in order for the SME to benefit and the Supplier to recognise new opportunities. SME's can choose to do this themselves or the Supplier can send a friendly representative or account manager to assist - straightway the Supplier/SME relationship is cemented and expanded upon.

Step 5: Analysis & Up-Selling

Analysis & Up-Selling

Now for the fun bit ... SME's have a powerful Fleet Management System at their fingertips, whilst Suppliers can see an extended inventory of theirs and other vehicle statistics at a glance.

All that remains is for profitable relationships to flourish as new up-selling opportunities arise for the Supplier and helpful reminders, quotes and advice are provided for the SMEs.

If you supply automotive services to your clients then ask us how we can make MotorManager work for you!

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