An introduction to MotorManager

Fully branded to your business

Imagine the Possibilities

MotorManager really is the complete made-2-measure Business Development System

Fully branded to your business

MotorManager software can be adapted to suit your exact business requirements.

Sell more vehicles

Do you want to position yourself to sell more vehicles? It's been proven that providing genuine added value services, building trust and loyalty generates more vehicle sales opportunities.

Imagine knowing everything about your clients SME fleet; the company vehicles, the grey cars, even the staffs cars. When they were acquired, who from, and for how much, including all the funding information your team needs to win the next sale, including the anticipated replacement date.

Automatically reminded

Automatically reminded

You could offer low cost, fixed price compliance vehicle checks to your business clients, automatically reminded and/or scheduled by MotorManager. You are at the forefront of vehicle safety and maintenance, your level of service is now at the forefront of your client's minds, your business clients are all checked and balanced as far as their health and safety requirements are concerned and their drivers are happy too. Everybody wins and a prosperous business relationship can flourish.

Increased sales

Maybe you're looking to encourage use of your Service Centre? MotorManager will automatically send helpful, branded reminders to your SMEs whenever any of their vehicles are due a service, MOT or vehicle check.

Special offers and promotions

Special offers and promotions

Why not include details of your nearest Service Centre, with special offers and a helpful "we are here to help" message with these reminders?

Automated bookings

It's possible that your system, rather than sending reminders could generate a confirmation that their vehicle has been booked in for its regular service, MOT or vehicle check at your Service Centre, at such a time and on such a date. Should they wish to reschedule or perhaps arrange a courtesy car, you would be more than happy to help.

Collaborative relationships

Collaborative relationships

Collaborative third party relationships on tax advice, insurance, fuel card management and other related services could add a huge number of SME prospects to your business. They provide Tax advice, sell insurance and fuel services to your customers and you sell vehicles to theirs. MotorManager brings this all together seamlessly and profitably for everyone involved.

MotorManager can automatically schedule useful, branded reminders to SMEs whenever their vehicles or their vehicle insurance is due for renewal.

Endless possibilities

If you're in the position to do so, there's no reason why MotorManager can't produce helpful, up-to-date quotes on vehicle insurance, fuel card services, maintenance contracts or even tax changes, just when you're SMEs are looking to compare the market, take advice or simply renew with ease with a Supplier they trust.

These are just a few examples of the endless possibilities and opportunities MotorManager can open up for automotive Suppliers who really want to get ahead in the SME market.

Use MotorManager to access the estimated 80% of business you are not penetrating with your SME customers and witness firsthand the dramatic difference to your bottom-line.

If you supply automotive services to your clients then ask how MotorManager can work for you!

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